This saying pretty much speaks for itself. It breaks my heart to see dogs abused and neglected, because no matter what, they will just love you back. I think we could all take a lesson on unconditional love from them – the world would be a better place.

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He Who Hesitates

My Mom always loved to play cards. When I was growing up I can remember every time she would take a break or sit down for a minute she was either reading or playing solitaire. My brothers and I all learned to play various card games as soon as we were old enough to read the numbers on cards. Mom and I played lots of games of double solitaire. If you have ever played the game you know that each player plays their own game of solitaire but all cards are placed on the aces of both players. The winner of the game is usually the player who can slap their cards up onto the center piles the fastest. Mom was fast! The faster she placed her cards the more it rattled me and I would then often hesitate. When she would win the game (which was most of the time) and slap the last of her cards onto the piles she would laugh and say to me:

To this day, if I am playing a game with a time limit, I find myself repeating this saying. And still I often hesitate, not only in cards and games, but also in decisions in life. Love and miss you Mom!

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There Was A Little Girl

Growing up I was the only girl in a family with 4 brothers. I was also the oldest, with the perks and drawbacks being the oldest brought. My Mom had sayings for everything it seemed to me, and I wasn’t particularly fond of hearing them I have to admit. In fact I vowed I would never repeat them when I grew up – famous last words. I can’t count the times, I, in horror, heard my Mom’s words coming out of my mouth when my own kids were growing up! This is a little ditty she used to quote to me when I was “bad” and got into trouble – and no, I didn’t like it any better than the others!

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Early to Bed, Early to Rise

This was a saying that I always had a hard time with. Mom was always trying to get us to bed and to sleep at a reasonable hour and then up and around to go to school. Unfortunately, my internal clock said that I was a night owl. I always wanted to stay up late and get up late. For years, growing up, raising kids and working, I fought that internal clock. Now, being retired and living alone I can finally follow that night owl urge and I have to say “I’m loving it!” Guess it goes along with another saying “to thine own self be true”, though in some areas, as in natural sleeping times, it just isn’t possible. But if you’re out there in the working world, struggling to get ahead, I still think Mom’s words are so true!

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Waste Not Want Not

I’m putting these two sayings in the same post because they really do say the same basic thing. They are both sayings that my brothers and I heard often growing up. They were sayings that my parents took very seriously – when something broke down my Dad immediately got busy and fixed it so it would last a little longer. Mom had lots of ways of using the very last little bit of things like toothpaste, shampoo and dish soap. She also took her and my Dad’s old clothes and cut them down to make clothing for my brothers and I. She made all of my clothes for school and most of my brother’s shirts. I always envied them that they got new jeans. Girls were not allowed to wear pants to school when I was attending so Mom made all my skirts and dresses and I didn’t get “store bought” clothes.

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Early Bird Gets The Worm

Mom used to say this often when she wanted us to get up, get around and get going. When I was small it didn’t make any sense to me  – I didn’t see what birds and worms had to do with us, but it wasn’t long before I began to see the wisdom of it – not that I, or my brothers liked it. Kids don’t see the benefit of getting out of bed early for anything!

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Whatever job you do, do your best!

My Dad was quite a handyman and always took care to keep our home maintained and everything in it working properly. He would quote this to us if we pointed out that he could just hurry through a job. I know these are words he lived by:

Mom also followed this saying. She was an excellent cook and always did a great job of preparing food and I heard this many times in her kitchen!

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Finish What You Start

My Dad also had sayings that we heard growing up. This is one I remember him saying often, and one that we all knew he followed. When Dad started a job we knew it wouldn’t be long until the job was done to the very best of his ability.

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Beauty is as Beauty Does

Being the only girl, and the oldest, in a family with 4 boys, I really missed having a sister. Of course, being the oldest, I spent a lot of time watching my younger brothers. They always seemed to feel that I was being bossy with them. I can’t imagine why??? For revenge they liked to tease me by telling me I was ugly, mean and that they hated me. When I would get upset and run to Mom she would always reassure me and then say:

Which looking back seems to confirm what my brothers were saying. It wasn’t the way I looked that they thought was ugly, but the way I “watched over” them and wouldn’t let them do whatever they wanted! As far as males go, not much changed as I grew older LOL!

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An Apple A Day

Mom was always trying to get my brothers and I to eat more fruit, and less cookies (can you imagine???) so this was a saying that we heard often. Being kids, and scared of shots, it worked really well. We ate a lot of apples!!

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